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2016-08-21         Smrithi Raman

Meet the kids of Parikrma. Bright-eyed, enthusiastic and affectionate, these children come from a disadvantaged background and are passionate about learning and school. Parikrma Humanity Foundation, a non-profit organization, provides high-quality English medium education for free to impoverished kids so they may have the same opportunities as kids from affluent private schools. These students converse in fluent English and the school sets high expectations for the kids. Besides academics, Parikrma offers a well-rounded education through various sports, arts and music clubs. Children from across Bangalore, India, attend one of Parikrma’s four branches from kindergarten to tenth grade. I was fortunate to volunteer with Parikrma this past summer. Without a doubt, it was a life-changing experience. Every morning, I walked into the school, greeted by cheerful faces recounting tales about the cricket game the past evening or the countless hours they spent studying for a math test. I spent those weeks teaching English, math, history and science in the remedial programs to children from first grade to tenth grade. While what I taught every day and every grade changed, the one constant was the passion children had towards their education. Each child in that school is proud and feels fortunate to be a student at Parikrma. I have to admit, the first day I came to Parikrma, I was apprehensive of how the school environment would be. I worried about whether I would be able to connect effectively and was nervous whether they would take to a relatively young volunteer from the U.S. as one of their teachers. All my concerns, however, were assuaged the moment several children came up to me, hugged me, and wished me, “Good morning, Akka [sister].” Especially in the remedial room, where I worked, it was heart-warming to see the eagerness and enthusiasm with which they approached class... I request you to consider donating to a cause that provides direct support to hundreds of children, and makes a difference in a child’s life. Smrithi Raman created a fundraising campaign and has raised over $2000.

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