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Parikrma FC

A football club for the alumni and owned by Parikrma, the Parikrma FC is a testimony of our children’s passion and respect for the sport. This club was born in 2013, when Parikrma Foundation provided a platform for talented footballers both students, alumni and staff to take their passion a step further. Parikrma FC started as a Bangalore Division C team, and after facing elimination in 2014, the young team of Parikrma FC remained confident and unfazed even in the following year - despite competing with 79 other teams! In the year 2016, at the BDFA Division B League, Parikrma FC emerged as the unsuspecting champions of this year. Over these three years, Parikrma FC has not only thrived for success and excellence but has also achieved it successfully. The level of professionalism and commitment has resulted in them being promoted to Bangalore A Division

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